human nature

1.alienation:neighbours talk and behave like stangers which is a common phenomenon for modern folks.
澳门皇家赌场,2.jealousy:in a situation where people with inferiority in status,education,career,accomplishment can humiliate those with superiority, their innate envy will be conveyed in anyway.
3.ignorance:what you haven't seen does not mean they do not exist.
4.distrust:people're apt to distrust others and misunderstand others' good intension,such as the teacher's friendliness that was treated as condescending by the cult-advocating preacher.
5.blind belief in visual savior:i've always been curious why some people believe there's God could save them from misery, pain and guide them to heaven.nothing's gonna change unless people make genuine efforts. prayer does nothing to better a sucky situation.why?why do people have believes?
6.flaunt one's superiority:do not show your blind audacity and try to be the big hero.count your teeth first.
9.lack of persistence:if only they could hold out a bit longer,they would see the dissipation of the mist instead of taking their own lives.

and last but not least,i do not believe in humanity or innate my eyes,all good deeds revealed are faked by social codes and rules,by the so-called people's consciousness,they must behave civilly,but in their subconsciousness,all are born with selfishness,envy,greed.the evil sides are concealed intentionally for most of the time.

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